Rectal Bleaching
Los Angeles

I am a specialist in lightening, brightening, and whitening intimate body areas. As an aesthetician my goal is to make you look awesome and feel more confident!

Rectal bleaching, whitening and lightening for men

V-Juvenate Spa Anal Bleaching Servcies for Men

rectal bleaching whitening brightening and lightening for men

Due to the difference in skin texture and thickness, there is an additional $50 charge on men’s skin lightening services.

Before coming in for your appointment, please make sure to have little to no hair in the areas to be treated. You can remove the hair at least two days prior to your appointment.

Anal Bleaching Service

Helps lighten unwanted discoloration around the anus. The treatment can also be performed on all other areas of the body.

  • Evens out the skin tone
  • Gives it a more attractive and youthful appearance
  • First step: Lightening cleanser to help remove dead skin cells from the area.
  • Enzyme: Strong lightening enzyme combined with the steamer to help fight pigmentation.
  • LED red light therapy to stimulate cell repair and treat hyperpigmentation.
  • Ionic wand with a lightening solution: Uses negatively charged ions to penetrate the lightening serum into the skin and pull the discoloration.
  • Laser to lift the top layer of the skin and open up the pores
  • Finally the bleaching solution to treat the discoloration from within.


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Additonal Services

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…excellent work which is unmatched and professional.

5 Star Rating!

What a great experience with Mariam! My wife has used all three of her services and we are both extremely pleased. Mariam does excellent work which is unmatched and professional. Thanks for helping both of us!

Jerry Wilcox

…listened to my concerns and offered helpful advice.

5 Star Rating!

I had realistic expectations and the peel worked wonders for my skin. They are wonderful! They listened to my concerns and offered helpful advice. They host periodic events that are fun and informative. They’ve gained my loyalty and I’m looking forward to other services they can offer.

Carson Murphy

I think this is gonna be our new skin care clinic…

5 Star Rating!

The staff in the front taking payments was extremely friendly he answered every single question we had. I think this is gonna be our new skin care clinic. The best part of all, it was so inexpensive. Highly recommend.

Jerry Chen

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