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Vajacial Treatment becoming Popular among Women who focus on Self-Care

Women usually go to spas and salons for common treatments such as facials, massages, manicures, or pedicures. However, there are some additional services that particular spas and salons offer.

Many women want to find a solution for the pigmentation of their private parts but may be too shy to ask about it. Fortunately, V Juvenate Spa is one place that takes pride in offering luxury beauty treatments, particularly for private parts that include vaginal and anal skin. 

Why Women looking forward to Vajacial Treatment

If you are looking for a whole new experience of pampering and self-care, then ‘Vajacial’ is the best option. You may even be hearing this ‘vajacial’ word for the first time, and it may sound familiar to ‘facial’. And you may even guess it right, as it is a facial for the vagina.

Vajacial spa treatment is becoming quite popular as more and more women are booking this service. The reason why vajacial is the new buzzword in the fashion industry is because

  • It helps to reduce pigmentation around the bikini area
  • It removes germs
  • It brightens the skin

A vajacial procedure is usually done with vaginal lightening treatment, which removes the pigmented or dark skin layer with the help of a laser.

The purpose of vajacial is to improve vaginal skin and reduce any discomfort caused by shaving or waxing to remove unwanted hair. Having a vajacial will not only keep the bikini area skin smooth but make you feel good about yourself. The vajacial procedure involves various steps such as cleaning, steaming, hair extraction, and applying masks.

The Steps of a Vajacial Treatment

The treatment focuses on the area around the vagina and is done on the skin, not on any internal area. The key is removing the ingrown hair and any bacteria on the top skin and under the pores. The steps of vajacial treatment are

  1. Cleansing

The first step is to clean the skin by washing away any dirt or oil. You can use a popular cleanser according to your needs.

  • Exfoliating

The next step is giving steam to the skin to loosen the skin pores

  • Extraction

Once the hairs and dirt in the pores are loosened due to steam, they are extracted easily.

  • Toning

After extracting the ingrown hairs, it is necessary to use a toner to remove the bacteria that may spread on the skin

  • Masking

Applying a mask is similar to when you get a facial. However, the mask is done to soothe any irritation and reduce discoloration

  • Moisturizing

The vajacial treatment products are essential to moisturize the skin and make it soft and smooth.

The vajacial treatment takes over an hour, but you may need to attend 2-3 sessions to get the best results and ensure glowing skin around the bikini area. There is no exact wax that could be called ‘vajacial wax’; however, Brazilian wax does the trick and is quite efficient in pampering the vulva.

The vajacial treatment costs $149, and you can book the treatment online by selecting the day and time.

Final Thoughts

V Juvenate Spa offers amazing vaginal and skin lightening, booty bliss facial, and vajacial all under one roof. Vajacial treatment is necessary to clean, exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize the vulva. It helps to remove ingrown hairs, prevent acne, reduce discoloration, and brighten the skin.

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