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Luxury Intimate Lightening Treatments to Pamper Yourself

We all know the unrealistic standards when it comes to women’s beauty. The trend that started from the whitening of face and hands has now extended to the intimate parts as well. Today, the trend of fair vagina is becoming quite popular.

You may have come across the word vaginal bleaching or vaginal lightening. In truth, bleaching is merely the term used for the lightening process. The vaginal lightening treatment includes various methods such as laser treatment, creams, serums, and chemical peels.

The intimate parts such as vaginal or anal skin is mostly covered with the clothes you wear and except you no one really knows what color is the skin. However, the projection of women having fair skin on media may let most women question about the skin color of their private parts.

Why Skin Lightening Procedure Essential

Having a darker skin tone on the intimate parts is quite natural but women may question why the private area may be dark. The increasing demand for fair skin tone may impact on the women self esteem and confidence. The lingering thoughts may also impact the private, mental, and social life of a woman.

Vaginal lightening treatment CA is the best solution for the anxiety and growing concerns for most women. The dark vaginal skin can be caused due to various reasons such as aging, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or skin disease. The size, shape, and skin tone of vagina vary from one woman to another. However, V Juvenate Spa is one place that can make a custom skin whitening plan according to your particular wishes. 

Having a darker vulvar skin than rest of the skin is quite common among women. The vaginal lightening treatment involves use of laser that removes the dark colored or pigmented cells to reveal the new skin beneath. 

For most women, vagina and vulvar area is quite sensitive and they may be cautious to use laser treatments, or chemical peels to whiten the skin. The women may try to use traditional remedies to get natural vaginal lightening. Some of the ingredients that can be used include yoghurt, aloe vera, rosewater, and sandalwood. However, the skin varies from one woman to another so you need to check with the dermatologist before applying the homemade remedies.

On the other hand, the vaginal lightening treatment through laser technology is quite effective and without any negative impact. However, one session of laser treatment may not give the desired results and you may require 3-4 sessions which are 2-3 weeks apart.

You need to apply best vaginal lightening cream between the sessions to relieve any redness and increase speed of skin lightening process.

The Need for Facial Treatment for the Vagina

Women nowadays are more particular about their health and skin than ever before. However, stress should be on intimate health along with physical and mental health. Apart from the intimate lightening treatment, there are also other luxury skin treatments that women can have. One such is vajacial spa treatment which is the facial for the vagina.

It is common that women may experience in-grown hairs and bikini rash which can be quite uncomfortable and inconvenient. However, vajacial is simple solution that helps to clean, exfoliate, moisturize, and smooth the outer skin of the genitalia. The goal is to clean, and improve the appearance and health of the vaginal skin.

A typical affordable vajacial treatment includes numerous steps such as a deep clean, treatment masks and moisturizer.        The four-step process of a vajacial treatment are

  1. Cleanse: Wash and clean the vagina with a premium cleanser
  2. Groom: Shave or wax to remove the in-grown hairs
  3. Exfoliate: Remove the dead skin cells
  4. Smooth: Use of moisturizer, oil, or sheet mask

The use of vajacial treatment products is necessary to reduce pigmentation of vulva, eliminate the germs, and brighten the intimate part. You can complement the vajacial treatment along with intimate lightening treatment to get more aesthetic look and feel and improve your self-confidence.

Final Thoughts

Intimate lightening is becoming quite popular and best opportunity for women to get affordable luxury skin treatments. V Juvenate Spa is one-stop solution for all your vaginal lightening, and vajacial treatment at affordable cost. You may be want to try homemade remedies and waxing treatments but it may not give desired results.  However, the luxury lightening treatment will just be ideal for you. The best thing is that you can even make a custom plan for the treatments you want.

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