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Nowadays, there is a rising concern for girls about their darkening of intimate and private area skin. Especially, surrounding the area of vagina and inner thighs. These areas show a discoloration on many girls’ skins.

When they see their body in the mirror. They can easily glance the black spots and patches on their vaginal area. Though, they rub this area with soap and clay stone. It shows no obvious results to them. Their skin remains dark and black and that feels them worried and embarrassed. It does not matter how much time they take a shower or bath in a day. Their bathing does not eliminate their patches from their public areas.

However, the primary reason for turning your vaginal area black is due to the excess of razor shaving. Shaving is not good for girls and women. It puts scars on their skin and causes them lots of pain. When girls reach their age of puberty. Their body tends to change in its shape and size. Many new things happen in their body that can perplex them. Growing of public hair is one of them. When they shave these in grown hairs. They become thick and create bushes on their vagina to hide it under them.

Due to shaving, it causes them burning sensation and inflammation on their vaginal area. First it changes to redness and then turn into black color. The discoloration of vaginal area causes a tension and anxiety among girls. As nothing seems to work for them. To find the solution of this problem, companies launch intimate skin lightening products for girls. So, they can easily apply and use them on their private skin to give it a shine. It makes their vagina soft and moist to feel a slip of hands with a gentle touch.

Here are the best uses of intimate skin lightening products for women:

Do not Wear Tight Panties

Panties must be soft for girls. However, they must be easy to wear and put off. Therefore, girls should remove their panties or undies before going to bed. Wearing tight fitting undergarments stops the proper flow of blood in their body. Hence, it creates pimples, redness, and dark black patches on their inner thigh areas. However, girls must remove their bra and panty and take it easy before getting to sleep. It normalizes their blood stream to circulate all around their body.

Use an Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a process of using intimate skin lightening products. However, these products exfoliate your outer and inner skin areas. It helps girls to use creams and lotions to rub and scrub their genitals and remove their black spots. Hene, it gives them a spotless and flawless radiant glow shine on their vaginal area. So, when you see this. You will feel good to have a soft skin on your inner thighs.

However, the use of exfoliation helps eliminate the dead cells and develop fresh new cells. The formation of new blood cells is perfect for girls to keep their vagina moist. It shows a moisture in your vagina to slip your hands on it and touch it with gentle palm skin. However, you can also use your fingers to enjoy the happiness and pleasure of softness of a clean-shaven vagina.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the best remedial product to use as a substitute for intimate skin lightening products for women. Girls can safely and proudly use this herb in their vagina. It gives them a feeling of coolness in the heat of summer. Due to its cold attributes, it helps eliminate the hyperpigmentation and discoloration. So, they can peel down the aloe vera and use its gel on their vaginal area. It softens and shines the vagina that sparks your eyes.


Papaya is an excellent fruit for eating. However, you can also use it on your private areas. You can better cut down and mesh a papaya to create a pulp. Therefore, girls can apply this pulp on their vulva and vagina. It removes all the black spots and dark patches to give a clean and tidy look. This fruit is an ideal for providing hygiene and sanitization to girls. It is rich with vitamin A and E to show a glow and shine to your vaginal area. The use of papaya removes the feeling of inflammation and gives a cooling touch to your intimate skin.


Honey is the oldest remedy for your skin. Hence, it is tried and tested to give a proven measure of lightening your intimate skin. Therefore, you must apply it with trust and confidence. A large tablespoon of honey is enough to rub on your vaginal skin. It makes you feel nice and improves the look of your patches.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a must to have item in food cooking. But here we will use it for vaginal lightening. Girls can use a small amount of turmeric powder to scrub and apply on their private area. However, it can also be combined and blended with potato to provide an antiseptic effect on your private area of skin.


Girls better know the benefits of cucumber. They can use it for onanism and also for dealing with vaginal issues. It provides them great success in it. The coolness of cucumber is good for removing the heat of your vulva and gives you a comfort and relaxation.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are worth interesting and informative points to know and understand about natural intimate skin lightening products. However, they find it a huge confusion to shave or not shave their hairy vagina. The presence of thick public hair irritates these innocent teen girls and give them an itching sensation. However, they also cannot use normal bleach on their vaginal area to care for its sensitivity. Hence, they can read this blog to find their answer and solution to their rising problems.

Therefore, using these natural and DIY home made remedies save them from any harm. These are harmless methods to remove the discoloration of your vagina. You can use them with complete self-assurance and confidence.

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