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All about Vajacial Treatment and Why You Should Get It

When you have just a tiny pimple on your face, or your hair gets dry, the first thing you do is pamper yourself with the right treatment. Women generally are quite particular about their looks and want to look their best, whether their face or adorning stylish clothes.

Why Vajacial the Hottest Trend in Skin Care

A facial treatment is best to refresh your facial looks and rejuvenate yourself. But most women are not that careful when treating the skin of their private parts. Most women may have noticed skin pigmentation around the vulva and bikini line but keep it to themselves. However, today numerous spas offer proper skin treatment focusing on the intimate parts.

V Juvenate Spa is one such place that offers affordable, luxury skin treatments. The treatments include anal or vaginal skin lightening, vajacials, and booty bliss facials.

Of all the treatments, you may not be familiar with a vajacial which, in simple words, means the facial of the vagina. The vajacial treatment is growing quite popular as most women want to get rid of ingrown hairs and discoloration surrounding the vulva.

The affordable vajacial treatment takes over an hour, but the individual needs to take the treatment again after 2-3 months. The vajacial procedure is performed on hairless skin, so the individual needs to wax or shave to remove the unwanted hair.

The vajacial spa treatment starts with a steam that helps to loosen the ingrown hairs and any dirt on the skin. The next step is extracting ingrown hairs and dirt from the vulva. After the removal of dirt, then a mask is applied to further remove any dirt or ingrown hair that is left.

The vajacial procedure involves cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and moisturization of the skin. However, apart from the procedure, you need to use vajacial treatment products to maintain hydrated skin, prevent acne, and reduce any inflammation or redness of the skin.                                                                                          

The Need for Intimate Skin Lightening

Many women may feel insecure thinking about the discoloration of the skin around their intimate parts. The good thing is that skin-lightening treatments have expanded from the face and hands to private parts. In short, discoloration of anal skin is natural and may occur for various reasons.

Anal skin lightening helps to treat discoloration caused either due to age, childbirth, hormonal imbalances, or skin diseases. The intimate skin pigmentation can also be caused due to lifestyle habits such as wearing tight clothes and intensive physical workouts.

The best anal lightening is a non-invasive procedure where the laser removes the pigmented or dead skin cells that are causing skin discolouration.

Before the anal laser lightening procedure, a skin numbing cream is applied to prepare the skin and reduce any inflammation caused during and after laser treatment. Also, one session is not sufficient, and you may need 3-4 sessions to ensure a proper skin whitening process.

You may also need to apply the best anal lightening cream between the sessions to reduce redness, soothe the skin, and speed up the skin-lightening process. It is essential to wax or shave to remove hair before the scheduled anal skin-lightening treatment. Even after the treatment, the individual needs to wear light-fitted clothes, avoid intensive exercises, prevent sun exposure, and have hot showers.

Bottom Line

V Juvenate Spa is one place offering exquisite luxury skin treatments. You can easily schedule vajacial, anal, or vagina skin lightening treatments to remove skin discoloration and enhance intimate skin. We also offer a 10% discount if you select intimate skin lightening and vajacial treatment.

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